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Malcolm X

malcolm x

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Moving in the right direction with this quote from Malcolm X

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Great things are cooking!

It’s been months since we last updated this blog.  Months of planning and gathering of resources to come up with a very interesting project.  It won’t be long now and we’ll be launching this special project.  Please watch this space for updates!

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Happy New Year

Welcome 2014 the Year of the Horse!  Let’s see how fast and how far we can gallop towards our dreams! Please watch this space for great things coming up soon!

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It’s nearly Christmas!

Less than a week before Christmas!  Here in NZ, after this Friday it’s going to be a long break for most people.  It would be interesting to find out, how do PhD students (all over the world) celebrate Christmas day/season?  For us who are in the southern hemisphere, we have hot, not just warm, sunny days, around this time.  Many are heading to the beach and some are doing their annual winery tours.  Others head to the South Island and bask in the cool weather of the Southern Alps.  As for moi, I will be in front of my Mac hammering and pounding and extracting everything I can from my brain to come up with Chapter 4 of my Master’s thesis!  I even have a Skype session with my adviser on December 24!  But no worries, I like it that way!  Oh, I forgot to mention, I also have to finish at least 20,000 more words for the novel I’m working on.  Now that’s my Christmas break, what’s yours?

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A family of writers

I’ve begun to rediscover creative writing again!  It’s good therapy and it gives me great pleasure to dream big ones and most often impossible ones at that too!  While driving to work this morning, my wife and I talked about writing.  She has shown me the night before the essay she has written to be submitted in her application for a Diploma in Interior Design.  I told her that I never noticed that she writes well too.  All my three children are writers too, my eldest daughter with her own blog and writing for a living, my teenage son who comes out with insightful essays in his high school assignments, and my youngest son at six years old already showing great potential in creativity and writing!  There are five writers in this family and I’m loving it!

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Friday the 13th

Some people consider Friday the 13 as an unlucky day!  Those who are superstitious would rather have a month without a Friday the 13th.  However, there are some who look at Friday the 13th as a good luck charm, as a magnet for attracting good vibrations!  I am one of them.  I like the number 13.  It brings good luck to me.  Truth be told, I had a couple of good things coming my way.  It looks like 2014 will be a very good year for me and my family!  I’ve been waiting for this to happen and they all did on December 13, 2013 – a Friday the 13th!

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Now I get it!  I really am an Authorpreneur or more precisely an aspiring one, budding but not a wannabe!  There really is such a word and by definition and according to the Urban Dictionary – An author is someone who creates a written product, participates in creating their own brand, and actively promotes that brand through a variety of outlets.  An Authorpreneur makes use of outlets such as: websites, blogs and social media, promotional materials both in print and online, opportunities to speak, generating media coverage, teaching other authors in person or online, creating unique business models to facilitate their product, offering support through those business models to other authors.  I like the word Authorpreneur and everything that it may represent!

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Q&A with Dr. Marco Briziarelli

Thank you Marco Briziarelli, PhD (University of New Mexico) for your kind response.  His dissertation looks very interesting, talk about revolution.  Perhaps someone who’s doing a doctorate on the Spring revolt in the MIddle East might consider Dr. Briziarelli as a very credible resource person.

Title of Your Dissertation: Revolution and Restoration: The Red Brigades and the Discourse of Violence
University and Year: University of Colorado, 2012

Q: What’s your research all about? historical materialist approach to the communicative practices of the Radical group Red Brigades, rhetorical confrontation between its discourse and mainstream media.

Q: How did you organise your research study? introduction, Ch.II theory, CHII, the Red Brigades and its relationship with media. Ch.IV the Italian Historical context. Ch. V analysis of judge Sossi kidnapping. Ch. VI analysis of Aldo Moro kidnapping. Ch.VII conclusions
Q: What’s your usual schedule when you were studying? mhm… very eclectic, depending on the semester.
Q: How easy/difficult was it studying for your PhD? Studying in itself was not so difficult.
Q: What are your thoughts on presenting your on-going research in conferences? My opinion is rather negative. Very few times they constitute genuine occasion for thought exchange. The rest is a farce that allows academicians to enjoy their guilty pleasure: leave as high end corporate management.
Q: Experience with your adviser? Excellent. We are good friends.
Q: How did you cope with graduate student life? As I simply could, my wife was a PhD as well and we had a daughter and very little money. Still life was actually good.
Q: What did you do the year after you graduated? Worked at UNM
Q: What’s your favourite book? Gramsci’s Quaderni.
Q: Got a favourite sport team? yes spanish soccer team: Levante.
Q: Name three people, dead or alive, you’ll like to have dinner with? Gramsci, Marx and Brecht.
Q: What charity would you give money to? none
Q: Are you a cat or dog person? no
Q: What are your thoughts on reality TV? scary but interesting object of analysis.
Q: Do you have any hobbies? Rc sailplanes
Q: What do you have for breakfast? Coffee-milk and cereals
Q: Something not many people know about you?  I am very insecure
Q: If you could travel back in time, when and where would it be? 1970s Italy
Q: Best advice you ever got? choose your battles
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Uganda to harness PhD research with South Africa

Interesting to see where this will lead.

MUST-UTAMU to harness PhD research with South Africa.

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Kashmir: PhD students set kebab challenge

This is another interesting way of getting your PhD.

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